Indirect Bonding

Save time and discomfort with indirect bonding

You may have heard that getting your orthodontic braces on takes a long time, is uncomfortable and/or requires you to hold your mouth open for long periods. This is not the case with indirect bonding.

Indirect bonding is an advanced technique that allows Dr. Chris Cusimano to place your brackets – all at once – in a fraction of the time it takes to place the brackets on your teeth individually. The procedure is not only easier for patients but allows greater accuracy of bracket placement. That allows teeth straightening progress to occur more quickly. Your overall orthodontic treatment will take less time.

Click here to watch Dr. Chris discuss indirect bonding.

indirect-bonding1Dr. Chris takes digital impressions and creates exact duplicates of your teeth in a plaster model using precise measurements.

indirect-bonding2The brackets are individually placed on the plaster model – a custom prescription unique to your mouth – in the exact positions they will need to be when placed in your mouth.

indirect-bonding3Once the brackets have all been precisely situated, Dr. Chris creates a custom transfer tray. This tray maintains all the spatial relationships of the brackets for correct placement in your mouth.

indirect-bonding4Then Dr. Chris coats your teeth with a specially formulated bonding agent.

Here's how it works:

indirect-bonding5He then places all the brackets at once. Just one quick, intelligent step is all it takes to simultaneously place all of the brackets.

indirect-bonding6After about 4 minutes, he removes the trays and adds the wires.

indirect-bonding7And voila! The process of aligning your teeth has begun.

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