Faster, more convenient and comfortable orthodontic treatment

h-bracesAn orthodontic specialist achieves straight teeth for their patients by attaching an archwire that exerts enough force to slowly reposition them. With traditional braces for teeth, that wire is secured to the bracket by an elastic band, or “ligature.” This method causes frequent adjustments as the teeth move. Elastic ligatures also stretch and need periodic replacement. They can trap food particles and bacteria, become stained and difficult to clean.

Dr. Chris, on the other hand, uses the Damon Braces System. They work differently, holding the archwire behind a sliding door and creating a tunnel that holds the wire but lets it slide freely. With self-ligating brackets, cleaning the teeth and orthodontic braces is much easier and stained elastic ties are a thing of the past.

Damon braces self-ligation offers many benefits

The greatly reduced friction of the Damon self-ligating dental braces causes less discomfort than traditional braces for kids. The sliding wire allows teeth to be aligned more quickly. Without ligatures, cleaning is easier, staining is less likely and there is less opportunity for bacteria to become an issue or to hinder treatment. Other benefits offered by Damon’s self-ligating braces for teeth include:

  • Fewer adjustments, fewer office visits
  • Easier adjustments for shorter appointments
  • Thinner wire for less visibility & discomfort
  • Significantly less need for extractions or headgear
  • Appropriate braces for children & adult braces
  • Available esthetic brackets for minimal visibility
  • Shorter total duration of orthodontic treatment

GET excellent RESULTS... in LESS TIME and with LESS HASSLE!

Dr. Chris and his orthodontic team want you to feel like you're riding the smoothest wave ever... toward straight teeth and a great smile.

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